All Is Quiet on the Western Font

I suppose this is my actual fully articulated thought process coming through for once. My life has been a disaster zone regarding the work spectrum. I am in desperate need of finding a career in art or English. My job path has been a temporary whirlwind of chaotic sorts and I’m ending up in wretched, […]

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Practice 1

Embark on a journey, through textiles not altered through time. Follow your inner road map, and forget the rubble, the crumbling buildings passing you by, by train ride. Your head rests against the cold metal of the steel car. A Chinese steel. Shutting our steel mills down. Living a steel skeletal structure with ivy veins […]

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Mein Frau

Magnolia in bloom, the jacket bound tight, The will to do nothing, voided human rights. The world is but a glass picture, that my mind can barely see. Trapped in the confines of this desolate room, A white, sandy desert where my psyche meets it’s doom. The fantasy realm dwelling from within, so mystical and pure, Is […]

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Antlers to the Sky

She looked up into the heavens, and roared to Andromedia (deliberately misspelled), “Take me as your own, for I am synthetically natural, a natural act dipped into the dew of the stem of natural, the synthetic.” Her place was not of this world, but of another.   Prismatic fingerprints, your touch lights up the center […]

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Uncharted whispers, thrown overboard from the ship of time For charter whispers, it will cost you a dime. Dark kept secrets of the human mind Flower-o-Vision a glow, your whispers finally heard. But thoughts you didn’t know creep out from inside of you,  floating away like a tiny balloon bird. You feel as if it […]

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All of the Sentences Erased

Once upon a time…I don’t love you. I don’t love myself. In that moment, I looked into her eyes and realized that I loved her, more than I loved my own wife. I loved that dog, Betty. As I write to you, I am blinded by both pain and tears. I assure you that we […]

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When do we evolve artistically? Do we find our first art movement in recent times that leaves us in awe, the members long split apart? Where were we? Will I be the next in the revolution of local art? Not a still life, not realism. Aggressive strokes of liquid on canvas, rough scratchy lines. The […]

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Felt God

Have you ever felt God? What a strange thing for a god to be made out of…felt. Have you plastic god? A bright red plastic ball given way too wild of an attribute. A crawling smile, a shattered kneecap, mix those and you are one step closer to creating the new Aphrodite. It just reminds […]

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